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Stacey’s career as a music performer has stemmed over 25 years, from New York in her early career in her Motown band Fuzzy Dice to becoming one of the UK’s hottest dance music stars in the past decade. Her first track was recorded for the UK based charity “Music for Youth” which was remixed into a dance track and catapulted into the the Top 10 dance & club Charts. Stacey has had nine Top 10 dance records, including a collaboration with the iconic artist Snoop Dogg on her self-penned record “Live it Up”.

“StaePumped Vol 1 and 2” pay homage to her love of fitness and took center stage in the club and fitness scene. StaePumped Vol 3, the last album of the series, wasn’t set to be released until Autumn 2020 but Stacey decided to push the release date forward to April 2020. This way, all profits from the album downloads and all sales of her fitness brand StaeFit went towards various global charities to help the heroes and heroines on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stacey’s newest single “Live It Up: Rebooted Feat. Snoop Dogg” released June 4th 2021, as featured in the new award-winning comedy film “Reboot Camp”. Having performed the original track in a cameo appearance in comedy film Reboot Camp, starring David Lipper, Keli Price, Eric Roberts, David Koechner, Ja rule and more, the 10-year anniversary of the song is here! With Reboot Camp’s release on June 7th in the UK on all ODTV platforms, the song has found a new wave of listeners to this catchy, upbeat track. 

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"I want to be rocking when I’m 80!"
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