All mommies are just trying their best to keep the balls up in the air 🤹‍♀

I talked about it in so many interviews and in even one of my first IGTV episodes – How do women successfully juggle a career and motherhood? The answer is a strong support network! There is NO way a woman can give 100 percent of her time to a career if she is also managing a bunch of kids and a household. 🤭 So prioritising, finding the right balance and a lot of support is key!!

I had my mom stay with me when the kids were little and I needed to run to meetings and TV sets… When my career took off in the music industry, I was fortunate to have a terrific nanny because my hubby also works full time and the house and family stuff always defaulted to me. But nevertheless, my hubby and family are always, always, always my number one priority 🥇. If my kids are sick, or they had an important event at school, that’s what comes first and both my husband and I try to be at everything we can for the kids.

But I ain’t gonna lie… it is VERY difficult as a woman to build a successful career because you just can’t brush all the important “mommying” stuff aside and focus on your work completely – it simply can’t happen. 🤷‍♀️
So find what works best for you in terms of a good balance and don’t be shy to ask for help from friends or family or locating a trustworthy caregiver. Especially if you really love what you do! Because YOU have to be happy with YOU in order to be a happy mom/wife/work colleague. My heart goes out to all mamas out there trying their best and doing their best!