Miso cod New York style (meaning they are wrapped in a lettuce leaf)
New style salmon sashimi
Yellow tail with jalapeño sashimi
Broccoli with Schisò sauce
Toro tartar.

Order any of the maki rolls or nigiri sushi

Remember white rice is very filling so don’t over order on the rolls or nigiri.

Also remember to ask for no mayo on any of the rolls (the Japanese do not eat with mayonnaise, that’s a very westernised approach to eating sushi and it’s added fat and calories for no reason).

If the mayo is spiced mayo to make the sushi “spicy” ask for the Japanese pepper instead.

The rib eye anticucho is amazing but order one for four people so everyone just gets a little taste. Portion control is everything!

Also watch anything that is tempura fried. That said, the popcorn shrimp is awesome so again… order one portion for 4 people to share just to taste it. No use depriving yourself at such an amazing restaurant!