Last December, I celebrated my 50th birthday, for the first time. I prefer to say I’m ‘forty-ten’; it just sounds so much nicer. My wonderful husband took me to Paris for the weekend, it sounds even better when you say it in French, ‘quarante-dix’. 

As someone who had their first hit record at aged 40, I’ve been subject to ageism my whole career. Willow Smith was in the charts at the time too, and she was eight! But I firmly believe that there is no age limit on achieving your dreams, and your goal in life should be to do what makes you happy. For me, that was being a Mommy first and then a singer.

The Daily Mail recently ran a piece on how fabulous I look at 50 (why, thank you!) but believe me, plenty of hard work in the gym – plus a little bit of botox – goes into my beauty regime. If you follow me on IGTV I’ve shared some of my tips on looking great and feeling even better. (You could even try my workout; it’s super fun and you can do it at home!)

I was lucky enough to have ANOTHER birthday celebration this Summer in Miami. You can have a sneak peak at what happened if you check out the episodes about my party on IGTV.