Customers who purchase workout wear from Stacey Jackson’s patented StaeFit apparel collection will now also be able to benefit from her newly released StaePumped fitness routine, in a bid to get women back into fitness and feeling good about themselves – or to shed those post-Holiday kilos.

StaeFit was created to provide a solution to the issue of breast rash and sweat rash during workouts. Whilst this can affect women of any age and size, sufferers are often larger woman and the implications can include negative body image perception, neglecting exercise and spurning the gym.

The patented StaeFit racer-back workout tops are the only front-fastening fitness wear to include a built-in bra. As with all StaeFit apparel, the tops are made from a hypoallergenic material, which is ultra-absorbent and breathable, to combat sweat rash. The front fastening design helps to speed up changing room time — so no more wrestling to get in and out of your workout kit!

Singer/songwriter and former aerobics instructor, Stacey Jackson designed the collection but also wrote and performed the StaePumped soundtrack to which the fitness video is set. She explained: “I created the StaeFit workout top to address a condition that I myself suffer from, along with many other women of all shapes and sizes. There was nothing on the market, so I designed and patented the top. Solution Fashion! I then went about creating the workout with real women in mind; you can do it at home, in your living room, it’s fun – and you’ll see results. All you have to do is just press ‘play’ and move!”

Stacey adds: “The music from the StaePumped records have proven really popular in gyms but creating my own StaePumped home workout is not only something rewarding and personal to me, but I also feel celebrates womankind. I didn’t want to just film a ‘traditional’ music video — so this is interactive, easy to follow and created to help people feel better about themselves.”


“Reducing the amount of sweat or moisture in skin folds is vital to minimising irritation and therefore dermatitis” (Dr Raj Mallipeddi, BSc (Hons) MB BS MD FRCP FACMS, Consultant Dermatologist)

The StaeFit collection is currently available in two striking designs: Pink Piping and Star Crazy. Tops retail at £69.99 and leggings at £49.99, with sizes Small through to XL (UK sizes 8-20). 

Stacey Jackson’s StaeFit collection can be ordered via the StaeFit Page on this site. 

The StaePumped workout can be viewed on Stacey’s YouTube channel StaePumped, and all Stacey Jackson’s singles and albums are released through 3B1G Records and are available worldwide.